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Managing Your OSHA Compliance for Healthcare in the Workplace

After the beginning COVID, many restrictions for gatherings of any kind were put in place to limit person-to-person contact, including halting many in-person activities. However, especially in healthcare and related industries, business must still go on. The service to their patients that healthcare providers deliver are essential to our communities. Frontline workers continue to work in order to keep us going. To that end, it’s important that healthcare employees and staff are up to date on their training and annual renewals. While there still may be some limitations in place for group gatherings, the option for virtual training and instruction in order to keep staff members safe has emerged as a necessary tool for workplace training. Traditional class-like training may still be a preferred option in some settings. Regardless of your preference or limitations for gatherings, we have the OSHA compliance training solution to fit your needs.

Who is Due For Training?

Is your staff up-to-date with it’s:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens training

  • HIPAA training

  • HAZCOM (Hazard Communication) training

Generally, those are the three standard trainings that require annual renewal but it’s always best to review each employee’s role and responsibilities to determine applicable training. During the holiday season moving into a new year, it can be easy for businesses to fall behind on safety planning and employee OSHA training. Getting behind on annual renewals can be costly and have expensive penalties. In 2021, Hazard Communication Standard was reported as one of the top 10 “serious” OSHA violations. The online compliance training we offer is easy to use and helps keep your staff on schedule with systematic reminders so your practice or facility won’t fall behind.

Online OSHA Compliance Training Through Larson-Miller

At Larson-Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service, we offer a comprehensive training program that allows for both online, independent training as well as group training options. It’s an easy to use program, and it’s a good way to stay in compliance year-round. In addition to training courses, our program includes resources like:

  • A user-friendly online training portal, available from any device

  • Individual and group on-demand training sessions

  • Assign and track employee progress

  • Easy to download completion certificates

  • New! Coronavirus resource center from trusted agencies

Besides annual OSHA training requirements for your employees, our program also offers additional online tools and valuable compliance resource solutions such as:

  • Thousands of MSDS/SDS

  • Safety Audit Option

  • Develop Safety Plans

  • Access to Federal Regulations

  • ICD-10

Learn more details about the features and benefits of our online OSHA Compliance Training program by clicking here to watch a short video about how it works.

Why Partner with Larson-Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service for Your OSHA Compliance Training?

We understand that you have options when it comes to OSHA training programs. However, partnering with us at Larson-Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service comes with benefits and personalized service. All of your required OSHA training for healthcare is accessible through our online program. You’ll be able to train your employees from anywhere. Software training and other resources are accessible from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device at any time. We will help your business stay in compliance, from your OSHA training needs to local, reliable, and environmentally safe waste disposal services.

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to get started on easily managing your OSHA compliance training needs? Let’s get started. We make training attainable for every type of business or industry, whether you have 3 employees or 300. Contact us today to request a free quote.


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