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What Happens to Sharps Waste Once it Leaves Your Facility?

Sharps are objects such as needles and scalpels widely used in the medical field. They are sharp objects which have the potential of penetrating the skin. Anyone handling this type of waste after it’s used on a patient is at risk for potential infectious exposure and injuries if they’re not handled with care and disposed of properly. The process for transporting and disposing of medical sharps waste is a unique challenge. In a healthcare setting, disposable sharps containers are used to collect the sharps waste. They are puncture-proof, hard plastic containers perfect for sharp objects. By many local, state, and federal laws, medical waste such as sharps can not go into the regular trash. So who takes it and where does it go after it leaves your facility?

Healthcare Sharps Waste

Who Removes Sharps Waste?

As a medical waste generator, you should be partnering with a permitted and reputable medical waste hauler. When your sharps waste is ready to be disposed of, your sharps waste disposal company will arrive to transport it. They will ensure all protocols are followed for everyone’s safety and to abide by regulations. Partnering with a reputable sharps waste disposal company will give you peace of mind knowing it’s being handled properly keeping everyone safe.

How is Sharps Waste Transported?

Once the sharps waste has been properly packaged and picked up by your medical waste hauler, they will transport it to a permitted treatment facility. There’s an advantage to your medical waste hauler also being a permitted treatment facility. It streamlines the process and ensures all regulations are followed, which keep you compliant as the waste generator who is responsible for your waste even after it leaves your facility. In many areas, the small disposable sharps containers are not permitted to transport as is and require outer packaging, such as a DOT approved corrugated box or reusable container.

Here at Larson-Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service, once the medical and sharps waste is picked up, it’s transported back to our treatment facilities.

How Will I Know My Sharps Waste Has Been Disposed Of?

After the medical and commercially generated sharps waste has arrived to the treatment facility, it’s then processed to sterilize it for final disposal. The waste no longer contains any infectious material. A reputable medical waste disposal company will always provide you documentation showing proof of disposal. It should include how much was disposed of, where it was disposed of, and the date it was treated. The manifests should always be accessible to the client.

Trusting a Reputable Partner to Dispose of Your Commercially Generated Sharps

At Larson-Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service, we take pride in our experience and long legacy of managing medical waste and sharps for generators of all sizes. For over 35 years we’ve maintained a flawless compliance record, excellent service, and a history of happy customers. Larson-Miller is equipped and ready to partner with you to manage your sharps and are the local, trusted medical waste disposal partner throughout Idaho, Utah, and Oregon always adhering to all local, state, and federal regulatory regulations to keep our communities and the environment safe. Call us today to see how we can help manage your sharps disposal, (208) 323-7272 or (801) 738-6545.

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