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About Us

Larson-Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service was founded by Vern Larson and Mark Miller in 1985, making us the oldest family owned medical waste disposal service in the United States. Vern and Mark both started their careers in the medical industry as medical/surgical supply salesman.  It was then that they realized a void in their community.  How was the medical industry handling bio-hazard waste that was being produced at the local levels?  


At that time, most major hospitals used an incinerator to dispose of their own waste. Smaller clinics, nursing homes, doctors, and dentists did not produce enough waste to justify owning and operating an incinerator or an alternate treatment system. Consequently, bio-hazard and infectious waste commonly ended up in the municipal waste stream. This was a major issue that affected the general population as well as the environment.

Our Values

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Our goal at Larson-Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service is to protect healthcare workers, our communities and the environment by disposing of medical waste in the safest, most environmentally friendly way possible. To ensure this, we treat all bio-hazardous and infectious waste with an industrial autoclave here in the Northwest at our processing facility. We also properly sanitize our reusable medical waste containers after every use, making sure that we deliver the safest product to your business. All of our drivers are DOT certified, background checked and trained to properly handle medical waste, giving you comfort in mind. This whole package is designed to deliver you the best service and cleanest product, at an affordable rate. This is why most of our customers have been in business with us for 20+ years. If you are ready to have a professional service at an affordable cost, contact us.

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