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Larson-Miller Medical Waste Disposal Service is your full service regulated medical waste company operating in Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Montana. Larson-Miller was founded by Mark Miller and Vern Larson in 1985, making us the one of oldest family owned medical waste company in the country. We started this business in an effort to protect healthcare workers, our communities and the environment. This focus has allowed us to maintain most of our customers for 20+ years.



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With an ever changing highly regulated industry, it is crucial to stay in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. With Covid-19 bringing the newest set of challenges to our industry we have included useful links that will show how to properly dispose of regulated medical waste as well as COVID-19 waste. As always feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have concerning handling and disposing of medical waste. 

Since the first signs of COVID-19 outbreak Larson-Miller has been working with CDC, OSHA and DOT to help determine the best management practices for proper handling and disposal of COVID-19 Regulated Medical Waste. We have included up to date information about COVID-19 and how to properly dispose of contaminated items here.

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