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Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Services

When you're working with potentially infectious and harmful medical waste such as bodily fluids, blood, and sharps to name a few, it is important to partner with a disposal company with safe practices and reliable service. These types of waste, also referred to as biohazardous and biomedical waste, pose a health risk to you, your staff, and the environment if not properly disposed. Many different generators, such as hospitals, doctors, dentists, vaccine sites, veterinaries, and more come into contact with regulated medical waste. 


At Larson-Miller, many clients and partners throughout Idaho, Utah, and Oregon have trusted us for over 35 years with their biohazardous pick up, transport, and disposal needs. We offer a variety of waste removal and disposal solutions and pick up schedules to fit client needs of all sizes. Contact us know to get started with reliable, environmentally safe, and hassle-free service.

Same day service available in select areas.

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