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Is Your Medical Waste Harming the Environment?

Without proper treatment of your medical waste, the answer is Yes. Proper treatment of medical waste in many cases can be defined as sterilization of the medical waste so there are no longer any infectious or contaminating agents left in the waste. Without sterilization, potentially dangerous harmful waste can get into our environment and communities causing devastating effects.


Taking an Environmentally Friendly Approach to Managing Your Medical Waste

While many state regulations about disposal of medical waste vary, taking an environmentally friendly approach to managing your medical waste will assure your waste isn't harming the environment. When untreated waste such as needles, broken vials, and blood saturated items, for example, are disposed of improperly, it puts anyone who handles the waste at risk for potential injuries. Garbage and recycling center workers are at risk when infectious waste is disposed of through general waste. Water ways can also become contaminated when this happens.

Steps to Promoting Safe Medical Waste Management and Disposal

To help minimize the risk of harming people or the environment, there are steps you as a waste generator can take to keep everyone safe and be confident your waste, that you are responsible for is being treated in a responsible way. The steps you can take to promote healthier medical waste management include:

  • Understanding and segregating your regulated medical waste properly

  • Making sure your facility builds a waste management system that continually addresses efficient, safe, and responsible waste handling and disposal

  • Using the safest and most environmentally friendly waste management partner

  • Continue to educate ourselves on the dangers of improper handling and disposal

  • Raising awareness within your facility and your communities about the risks involved with improper medical waste treatment methods

Partnering with a Medical Waste Management Partner with the Same Values

At Larson-Miller, we have been providing safe and environmentally responsible medical waste treatment and disposal for over 35 years. We take pride in our long lineage of dedication and experience in providing a safe medical waste disposal method for our communities using autoclave technology. We are the trusted medical waste disposal partner throughout Idaho, Utah, and Oregon with a flawless compliance record always adhering to all local, state, and federal regulatory regulations to keep our communities and the environment safe. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner to help safely manage your medical waste, (208) 323-7272 or (801) 738-6545.

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